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Automotive Rust Repair

Automotive Rust Repair

Rust Repair on Antiques, Hot Rods, Street Rods, Customs, Trucks, Cars

Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating Rust Removal Service helps you remove the rust from your car, truck, or antique auto professionally. No one likes rust on their auto not only does it look bad but it decreases the value. The value of most hot rods is determined by appearance. Whether you have a hot rod, sports car, antique auto or custom vehicle we can remove the rust professionally.

There are many different ways to remove rust. We use some different techniques one is media blasting. This is a common method used to remove rust from cars, truck and other vehicles. It uses compressed air to spray metal with different abrasive materials. There are many different levels of blasting depending on how much rust you need to remove. We have the equipment to handle the hardest jobs. to remove rust from your car quickly and efficiently.

Sand blasting a method of rust removal is the same as media blasting only you use sand. If you use sand it is a relatively inexpensive medium to use. Sifted sand is better than just regular sand. There are some new rust removal techniques such as dry ice blasting and baking soda blasting which is more effective than sand. Corrosion is another method used to remove large areas of rust. The Rust Removal team uses an acid or base to eat away the rust on your vehicle. This is suitable for all vehicles and parts but works well for some jobs. Our experienced staff can help you find the right method to remove that troublesome rust from your vehicle. We can reach in accessible areas that you cannot ever get at yourself. So give us a call today and let use help you.

Abrasion is another popular method of treating rust by sanding the area with a wire wheel brushes or synthetic fiber wheels. We will find the right chemical solutions to treat the rust once we have removed it. There are many different options and we can find the right one for your special rust removal project. Whether it’s a major job or just a small area of rust Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating has the staff and technology to do the job right. Call today to find out more about our rust removal services.

Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating's Rust Removal staff work on all type of cars and trucks. We remove rust from antique autos, hot rods, sports cars, truck and custom cars. So again call us about your project.