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Partial Automotive Restoration

Partial Automotive Restoration

Partial Restoration on Antiques, Hot Rods, Street Rods, Customs, Trucks, Cars

Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating has Partial Restoration Services for those who want a small job done right. There is no inexpensive restoration job but sometimes you own an antique car or hot rod that just needs minor outside body work or interior additions. This can be as simple as installing new upholstery inside the car to adding chrome detail outside. No partial restoration job is too small or complicated for the Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating Partial Restoration team to tackle. We have the trained qualified staff to help you with any project you are looking to complete.

For a partial restoration we will look at the vehicle and estimate how much the project will cost including labor and parts. Most time projects will be more expensive than what you expected so remember that good parts and quality labor cost money. Many projects run into more complications than expected.

Usually on these projects the frame is left attached to the car body but smaller components can be removed like the interior, engine or brakes to fix. These parts are removed and restored then put back into the car. Depending on what you are looking to have completed we will try to find the original parts for antique cars that you are restoring. If you have a large project we can break it into manageable parts to fit your budget and time schedule.

A partial restoration can be new leather upholstery put into your hot rod. Perhaps your truck is running great but you want new chrome bumpers added this could be considered a partial restoration. The interior of your needs some wood paneling added or the engine needs some work whatever your needs the Partial Restoration Services can help you with your car project.

Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating Partial Restoration Services works on antiques, hotrods, street rods, custom cars and trucks. Call today for an estimate or to discuss your special project.