Packard Restoration Services & Custom Fabricated Packard Parts Including Packard Running Boards

Packard Restoration Services

Packard Restoration & Packard Custom Fabricated Parts

Packard Internal Wood Restoration / Re-Construction

Every fan of Packard classic cars knows that one of the hardest thing about restoring an old Packard is rebuilding or replacing the internal wood structures which tend to rot over time. The fabricating specialists at Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating have experience in Packard Internal wood restoration and can restore or re-construct the internal wood of your classic Packard. Every Packard enthusiast knows that it's the wood that gives the Packard it's unique personality.

Packard Running Boards

One of the most important parts needed to complete a Packard restoration is the running boards that connect the front fender to the rear fender. The running boards on a Packard are the only way to line up the fenders. Because of the intricate shape of a Packard running board, re-creating or fabricating one is no easy task. The metal fabricating specialists at Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating have no only figured out how to prefectly re-construct Packard running boards, but we have also created a custom jig to allow us to fabricate running boards for your Packard more efficiently thus saving you time and money.

Packard Sheet Metal Body Panels

Since most Packards are not in the best condition when they are found then it goes without saying that they are going to need a lot of rust repaid and body panels replaced during the restoration process. The metal fabricators at Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating have experience creating custom body panels for Packards as well as other classic cars. We can make everything from custom steel hoods to fenders. If it's made of metal we can bend it, cut it, shape it and re-create it!

Complete Packard Restoration

If you love Packards but don't have the know how and/or time to do the restoration yourself then let the restoration specialists at Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating do it for you. We can do a complete ground up restoration on your Packard automobile here in our shop. Based on the condition of your car, we can do everything from replacing the internal wood, custom body panels, running boards, engine work, electrical and even paint. We do several full Packard Restorations a year so contact us now to check on availability.