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Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating's Custom Fuel Staff can resolve your car’s fuel system troubles. The fuel system is what provides the energy to your engine to run your car. It is an important part of the vehicle’s overall operation. The carburetor might be at fault because it must ensure that air flow and fuel to the engine are distributed evenly. The fuel filter might need special servicing which is what Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating's staff is trained to do. We have the expertise to find the problem and fix it.

Another part of your fuel system might be malfunctioning is the electronic fuel injector. The available types of stock fuel injectors on the market are many. Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating's Custom Fuel System team can do the research to find the right one for your type of vehicle. You may have a bad fuel pump which causes some big problems. Let the Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating's Custom Fuel team find out what your fuel system problem is. The major parts of any fuel system are the tank and cap, emissions control, line, pump, filter, carburetor and intake manifold. All parts for different cars and trucks require research to find the right one. Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating can do the job right.

Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating provides a complete line of custom fuel system repair services. We can also design and build custom fuel systems for your hotrod or special car. We offer the diagnosis and replacement of hoses, pumps, filters, lines and tanks. No matter what your fuel system problem we have the trained staff and technology to fix the problem correctly. Call today for an estimate of to discuss your project.

The Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating's Custom Fuel Systems team can build a complete fuel system for almost any car. We have designed and build fuel system for antique cars, sports cars, hot rods, trucks and other custom vehicles. If you are looking for a custom built fuel system call us to discuss the details.