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Frame Off Restoration

Frame Off Restoration

Frame Off Restoration on Antiques, Hot Rods, Street Rods, Customs, Trucks, Cars

Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating specializes in custom metal fabrications for all antique hot rods, street rods, custom trucks and cars. We have a number of specialized custom metal fabrication and welding services to restore your car to the way it should look. The Frame Off Restoration service we offer is top quality. We completely remove all parts of the car inside and out, clean them and replace the ones that are necessary. We guarantee that the original factory specifications will match your car as closely as we can manage.

With Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating Frame Off Restoration services you get a detailed quality method of restoring your car. The car is off the road in the garage until the project is finished. You cannot drive the car until the project is completed. The first step in the process is Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating cleans and inventories all car parts inside and outside the car. We photograph every part and write detailed notes on what you need and don’t need. We focus on fixing the problems and getting the car in drivable shape. The ultimate goal of the Frame Off Restoration services is to restore your car to the quality product it once was.

The best way to tackle Frame Off Restoration is to restore your car in small manageable projects that fit your budget and time frame. Usually when you restore a car the budget always goes over your limit. Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating focuses on the details and doing quality work no matter what type of car, truck, or hotrod you own.

Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating Frame Off Restoration Services include inventorying, photographing and replacing the following:

  • External parts like spare tires, jacks and providing a full set of the best quality factory tools when needed. These items are what gives you a quality restoration.
  • Electrical parts like the rear and front lights, turn signals and anything visible on the outside of the car.
  • Exhaust system often involves ripping out the entire system and replacing it. We have the experts to do the job right.
  • Fuel systems like gas tanks, fuel lines, pumps, charcoal canisters and evaporation controls.
  • Metal work like chrome, stainless steel any polished metal within or outside the vehicle that must be cleaned or replaced.
  • Interior work ignition, radio, upholstery and even air conditioning are included. Details, details are what Frame Off Restoration is about.
  • Engines, hoses, transmissions, radiators and cooling systems.
  • Glass removed and cleaned and stored until the job is done correctly.
  • Outer body work metal hood, doors its important to know where the original parts were so we carefully mark them.
  • If you don’t see it listed ask us about it.

Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating has performed Frame Off Restoration on many types of cars from the 1920's to the present including antique Packards, Cadillacs and many more.

Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating specializes in custom metal fabrication and welding services. Frame Off Restorations services are about the details of the car you are fixing. We photograph and catalog all projects and parts of your car to get the job done correctly. Call us today for an appointment to discuss your Frame Off restoration project.