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With the complexity of a car and truck’s electrical system you need the Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating's quality complete electrical services team when problems arise. All cars suffer from different electrical problems and our staff can troubleshoot and resolve your problems quickly. Whether it’s your vehicles battery, charger, starter, alternator or something more complex we can fix it. We specialize in making complete electrical harnesses for street rods. Nothing is more frustrating than a car that won’t start when you want to go somewhere. So call us we can help you find the answer to the problem.

The battery is the storage device in your car or truck that helps start the electrical parts in your system. When you have a problem starting the car this is the first place to look. A visual and voltage test is a good place to start. Before replacing a battery we check the car’s electrical system to see if it is working properly. The alternator produces the electricity to run most electrical parts and the ignition. Sometimes it runs into trouble or malfunctions we can check it out to determine if that is the cause of your problem before you spend money on a part you may not need.

The major electrical parts that use the most energy and are most important to your car is the starter. There are varying types and designs so the expert staff at Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating can assist you with this electrical problems you have with your vehicle. Whatever type of electrical assistance you need we can find the solution.

It doesn’t hurt to have your cars electrical system checked every two year’s to keep it running properly. We have the equipment to test your car’s electrical system to find the problem quickly. We can completely repair your car or trucks electrical system if needed. Come in for a test to see if your system is working properly.

Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating's complete electrical service team will keep your car running properly. We will properly diagnose and find the problem with your system. Call today to have our expert staff help you keep your hotrod, truck or car running smoothly. Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating works on antique cars, hot rods, trucks, and custom vehicles do call us today.