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Custom Automotive Paint

Custom Automotive Paint

Custom Paint work on Antiques, Hot Rods, Street Rods, Customs, Trucks, Cars

Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating Custom Paint Services offers the full range of creative possibilities that you dream for your sports car, hot rod, muscle car, antique car or truck. We can paint your vehicle with flames, pin striping, two tone or a single color. A big part of painting flames is masking the car with tape correctly and knowing how to use the equipment. Whatever style flames you want we can design and paint them on your car, truck or hot rod. We can detail any type of pin striping design you want on your car. If it is a special project we will research the car and find the correct specifications before we proceed.

Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating Custom Paint Services offers a full service shop with the latest equipment. We can paint almost any type of graphic that you want on your car. Do you want ghost flames, candy apple or chameleon we can do the work. We have great paint booths and qualified staff to do the work.

Whether you want a layered graphic or a fantasy action comic scene airbrushed onto your car we can do the job right. We do quality design offering a wide range of styles to choose from. We can paint your factory sheet metal and do factory color repair when needed. A custom flame on your truck is another one of our special services in the colors you choose, orange, yellow, green, red or blue. Choose from wide selection of quality colors and paints for any spray painting project we tackle.

Our staff can do blended fades, overlays and lightening bolts if that is what you are seeking. We specialize in slick and smooth quality paint jobs for the vehicles we paint. The quality of custom paints has improved gone is the days of lacquer. Paints are now weather resistant and durable. We offer many pearl tinted colors and true candy paint that comes in rainbow of colors. Often it is painted over a metallic gold or silver base. We offer the nongloss shades of paints too that are now the style like satin, suede and patina.

So call Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating Custom Paint Services to find out how we can help you get your car or truck looking sharp. We can give it unique look to set it apart from other cars or trucks. We can do whatever specialized painting technique you seek.