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Major Body Repair on Antique Cars, Hot Rods, Street Rods, Customs, Trucks, Cars

Most major body work results from accidents with other cars or someone buys an old antique truck or car that needs restoration. Accidents often leave the car in a heap of rubble so you need the help of qualified major body repair services. Often when you buy an antique car or truck you do not know where to begin repairing it. That is where Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating's Major Body Repair comes in to help.

Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating's Major Body Repair services fixes those major problems with your antique car, street rod, muscle car or truck. Perhaps you had a major accident we offer complete collusion repair. We can help straighten twisted car frames and repair unibodys. Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating can install and replace those shattered smashed windshields on your car or truck. If the damaged vehicle needs paint we can match the correct color with our unique system. In some cases major parts have to be cut out and new one welded in. We can do the job safely and quickly.

Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating does major body work on that antique car you bought that once was a top quality car or truck. Come in and we can discuss your major body work project today. We can do the project in manageable stages that fit your time schedule and budget. You can have the car towed in if it is not drivable and we will look at it and give you a free estimate.

Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating's team deals with vehicles in major accidents. Our staff can remove badly damaged bolt on parts. The can Replace damaged welded on parts and straighten minor body damage. Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating provides body filler and coarse sand repair to cars when needed. We can use fine sand repair on all parts that need to be refinished. Sometimes we mask areas that need to be repainted due to body repair. We can replace fenders, panels, hoods, roofs of cars and trucks that often are damaged in bad accidents or wear out with time.

Contact the Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating's Major Body Repair Services department today to discuss your needs. We can help you with your antique car, hot rod, sports car, truck or custom vehicle. Whatever your needs we have the equipment and staff to do the job correctly.