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Antique Car Automotive Appraisals

Automotive Appraisals

Protect your antique car, hot rod, custom car or truck with an appraisal

Independent Appraiser

Independent Automotive Appriaser with over 40 years of experience in the automotive business. Our Automotive Appraiser has impeccable credentials in the collector car field, be it witness, civil suits, hearings and arbitration. Our Connecticut MVPD Appraiser licensed number is 800004975. Insipired by dreams and immortalized by auto enthusiasts, your vintage vehicle represents innovation, dedication, and determination. The same can be said of Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating's personalized appraisals and associated services.

Why Should I Have My Car Apprasied?

Specifically, qualified appraisals are essential in substantiating a vehicle's value for:

  • Insurance - to determine and enforce policy coverage.
  • Insurance Claims - to recover true value
  • IRS - to determine state and local taxes including estate and inheritance taxes
  • Customs - to import and export vehicles
  • Charitable Contributions - to substantiate value
  • Marital Disputes - to guarantee an equitable settlement
  • Pre-Sale/Pre-Purchase - to determine the true value of the vehicle you're selling or buying
  • Restoration - to determine if that proposed restoration will return full value

...and for many other important reasons - gifts, business, personal settlements etc.

Common Misconceptions

Many vintage vehicle owners erroneously believe that in the event of loss:

  • Their receipts and repair slips are adequate to establish value
  • Appraisals by the local body shop or car club are sufficient proof of value
  • Any form of appraisal is indisputable
  • Any appraiser is knowledgeable of all vehicles
  • They must accept an insurance company's offer

Before The Fact

You have the advantage of establishing today's fair market value in advance of any accident or loss. When you own a "unique set of wheels" it takes a unique experienced appraisal company to meet your special needs.

Don't Find Out The Hard Way

After the fact may be too late! You may already have a current appraisal. If you don't you should! Contact Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating today to get your hot rod, custom car, truck or antique car appraised.

An insurance policy is no problem to get; collecting fair market value from your policy or especially someone elses's is. The people who will judge how much you will be paid, probably have no understanding of what your vehicle is or worse, what it's worth. You need detailed proof of value.


...what it took you to put the best into your vehicle? Why not have the best individually prepared appraisal to protect that investment? Contact Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating to get the best appraisal for your vehicle.

How Can I Arrange For My Appraisal?

One simple phone call to Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating is all that's needed to get things moving. Our appraiser can come to your location. We provide fast, specialized service with discretion. Call us today.