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Custom Automotive Services

Custom Automotive Services

Auto Services Offered by Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating

Automotive Appraisals - Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating is an Independent Automotive Appriaser with over 40 years of experience in the automotive business. Our Automotive Appraiser has impeccable credentials in the collector car field, be it witness, civil suits, hearings and arbitration.

Frame Off Restoration - The Frame Off Restoration service we offer is top quality. We completely remove all parts of the car inside and out, clean them and replace the ones that are necessary. We guarantee that the original factory specifications will match your car as closely as we can manage.

Partial Restoration - No partial restoration job is too small or complicated for the Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating's Partial Restoration team to tackle. We have the trained qualified staff to help you with any project you are looking to complete.

Street Rod Fabricaiton - We build custom hot rods designed to your specific request. We can customize any body style you like into the car that you dream of.

Rust Repair - No one likes rust on their auto not only does it look bad but it decreases the value. Whether you have a hot rod, sports car, antique auto or custom vehicle we can remove the rust professionally.

Engine Rebuilds - Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating rebuilds engines for cars and truck. We offer the best quality parts and services. No matter what type of engine you want rebuilt we have the trained staff to tackle the project.

Metal Fabrication - Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating's metal fabrication services can craft top quality car parts designed for your individual vehicle. This includes manufacturing parts, welding and repair. We work with different metals like steel, iron and stainless steel.

Custom Paint - Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating's Custom Paint Specialists offers the full range of creative possibilities that you dream for your sports car, hot rod, muscle car, antique car or truck. We can paint your vehicle with flames, pin striping, two tone or a single color.

Major Body Repair - Accidents often leave the car in a heap of rubble so you need the help of qualified major body repair services. Often when you buy an antique car or truck you do not know where to begin repairing it. That is where Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating Major Body Repair comes in to help.

Chassis Repairs - It is an important part to maintain no matter what type of car or truck you have. The Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating's Chassis Repair staff uses some powerful chemicals to repair chassis. You need our experts to help you with this aspect of the car.

Complete Electrical - With the complexity of a car and truck’s electrical system you need the Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating quality complete electrical services team when problems arise. All cars suffer from different electrical problems and our staff can troubleshoot and resolve your problems quickly.

Brakes / Transmissions - Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating has the latest transmission and brake technology to help find the problem in your vehicle quickly. We work on all type of cars and trucks including: hot rods, sports cars, custom trucks and regular vehicles.

Custom Fuel Systems - Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating has Custom Fuel Services to resolve your car’s fuel system troubles. We candesign and build custom fuel systems for your hotrod or special car. No matter what your fuel system problem we have the trained staff and technology to fix the problem correctly.

Complete Safety Checks - Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating's Complete Safety Check Service is for the safety of you and your car. There are many details that often the customer does not have time to check to keeping any car or truck running efficiently.

Internal Wood Specialists - Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating specializes in Internal Wood Services including car interior wood trim, dashboards, and door capping and console panels. We can turn that antique car into the beauty it once was in the 1920’s or 1930’s.

Complete Chassis Fabrication - Vintage Sheet Metal Fabricating can design systems for your hot rod or sports car. We know the special types of metal used and how to design the system to work correctly.